Tea Strainer: Tare Weight

Being a responsible consumer, I carefully measure my daily green tea dosage. A laser-cut stainless steel strainer and silicone steam cap recently arrived, with a most auspicious tare weight:

Tea Strainer - 80.88 g
Tea Strainer – 80.88 g

Before my Genuine IBM 5160 PC XT with an 8088 CPU, I scratch-built a Z80 “personal computer” and wrote a primitive multitasking OS. Plenty of electrons have flowed through the transistors since those days.

A great way to start the day; ya can’t make this stuff up!

2 thoughts on “Tea Strainer: Tare Weight

  1. I’d suggest you return that strainer and get the slightly lighter version with a tare of 80.86g. With the 16-bit interface on the lighter one, your tea will brew faster :-)

    1. Well played, sir!

      Reviews of the 80.87 attachment suggest it leaves fragments … floating … in the cup.

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