Hawk vs. Squirrel

Judging from the squirrel tracks on both sides of the scuffle, the squirrel lived to tell the tale:

Hawk vs. Squirrel - snow tracks
Hawk vs. Squirrel – snow tracks

I think the squirrel came in from the right, the hawk stooped from a pine tree on the left and missed the catch, whereupon the squirrel departed leftward as fast as its little paws could go.

Surely a hair-raising encounter!

2 thoughts on “Hawk vs. Squirrel

  1. It’s fun attempting to recreate what happened in situations like this. However, from what I can see in the enlarged photo, the tracks indicate “it” was traveling to the right to me from the toes.

    1. Definitely maybe! [grin]

      The driveway wall is off to the right. If I’d had my wits about me, I’d have looked for tracks either along the top (headed left) or bottom (headed right). Now, we’ll never know.

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