Cable Ports vs. Foot Traffic

Spotted this under a counter at Panera Bread:

Power and network cables - floor plates
Power and network cables – floor plates

You’re looking downward from the edge of the communal meal countertop at the power and network cable ports in the floor. The cables snake into the counter legs and emerge at the countertop to provide AC power, USB charging, and wired  network ports in addition to ubiquitous WiFi: all the conveniences of modern dining.

Alas, down at floor level, the poor cables get kicked against the edge of their cover plates, bent with no strain relief, and seem jammed under the sharp edges of the leg extrusions. I expect the connectors below the hatches also endure a nightly bath of gritty water, with bonus salt during the winter months.

And, yes, the AC power plug sits halfway out of its socket, with the blades exposed.

3 thoughts on “Cable Ports vs. Foot Traffic

  1. First year architecture or industrial design student level work? Seemed like a good idea until the implementation showed otherwise.

    1. Using a catalog of standard hardware fixtures must count for something: if it’s available, it must be good, right?

      Been there and done that myself, of course.

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