Small Stone Moving By Itself

A decorative snail emerged from within a large garden lettuce:

Snail - looking left
Snail – looking left

It seemed interested in its new surroundings:

Snail - looking right
Snail – looking right

And eventually set off on an adventure:

Snail - escaping
Snail – escaping

We returned it to the Great Outdoors, far from the garden goodies, and wished it well.

Sometimes, having eyes mounted on stalks would be advantageous, but I’m unwilling to give up opposable thumbs to get ’em.


4 thoughts on “Small Stone Moving By Itself

  1. And while some famous general said armies march on their stomachs, in this little guy’s case it is quite literal.

  2. Nice little find, she’s a beauty. We don’t see many snails in our garden and on our property but that’s probably just because we haven’t run into each other yet. Mainly just slugs it seems.

    1. I crossed paths with a fine looking slug on the driveway a few days ago. It was headed southbound, so I teleported it a few feet further along its path and that much further from the garden. Probably saved its little life …

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