6 thoughts on “Un-bending a Machinist’s Parallel Clamp Jaw

    1. An aluminum counterweight for the halogen desk lamp rebuild. If the Tiny Bandsaw cut steel, I wouldn’t need nearly so many sheets … [sigh]

      1. Lead automotive wheel weights are often seen at the roadside.
        1) Collect some.
        2) Break them to remove the steel clip.
        3) Drop the lead chunks into an empty steel food can.
        4) Use a propane torch to melt the lead. As a caution, do this outdoors and avoid breathing any fumes.
        5) Allow to cool.
        6) Cut away the steel can.
        7) Admire the disk-shaped lead weight thusly created.
        8) Congratulate yourself for recycling waste materials to make something useful.

        Yes, I have done this.

        1. Part of the shop donation was a bucket full of wheel weights and lead roofing sheets; I’m still kicking myself.

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