Badger Propel Air Fittings: DIY Cork Washers

The tiny sandblaster turns out to be a Badger 260 with miniature Propel threaded fittings on the air line:

Badger Propel air fitting - DIY cork washers
Badger Propel air fitting – DIY cork washers

Foreseeing a Propel washer getting lost in the confusion, I punched a few from a cork sheet and trimmed them to half-thickness. The little brass hole punch isn’t good for more than a few whacks, but that’s all I needed. My cork is crumblier than theirs, but I got a few decent-looking washers and, with a bit of luck, won’t need any of them.

Maybe I should make a soft gasket from a thin plastic sheet?

9 thoughts on “Badger Propel Air Fittings: DIY Cork Washers

  1. Perhaps you can make nice gaskets from thin rubber such as a discarded bicycle inner tube.

    1. There’s a Michelin ProTek tube with a very slow valve leak hanging atop the Bucket o’ Rods: sounds like a match made in heaven. Maybe the sealing goop will glue the washers in place!

      Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. How are you liking that Badger? I’ve always wanted sandblasting capability for cleaning up small parts once in a while but lack the space for a proper cabinet.

    1. I must have used it decades ago, because it had grit in the supply jar, but it’s been in the box ever since and I don’t have much experience with it. I ran the air hose out the door and covered the flower bed with grit, as I knew full well what would happen with a kludged benchtop blast booth.

      Running 220 grit at 30 psi cleaned the corrosion off the slicer without digging into the metal. It probably wouldn’t remove heavy corrosion or, for that matter, a paint or epoxy layer. Surely it’s a Good Tool for frosting vinyl-masked patterns into glass or metal, though.

      1. Ah, I see. That is a little bit less oomph than I was hoping, thanks for the tip.

  3. Part of me thinks that “Propel” is the very worst name you could give to an air fitting, because they don’t need encouragement

    1. I obviously expected those tiny cork washers to go ballistic …

      In a Physics 101 world, anyhow, where all cows are spherical and all students ideal.

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