Amazon Product Puzzlement

Amazon’s top three offerings for American Standard 023529-0070A:

Amazon - American Standard Faucet Valves
Amazon – American Standard Faucet Valves

They’re all “by American Standard”, but you must check each item to discover where it’s coming from:

  • “Ships from and sold by”
  • “Ships from and sold by Gatzies
  • Ships from and sold by moneyworldstore

Although I’ve done my fair share of repairs to this faucet, I don’t need a cartridge every month and, in any event, signing up for Subscribe & Save doesn’t promise much in the way of savings.

The second listing has the best price by a small margin. I’m content to pay half a buck more to have Amazon handle the entire transaction, rather than deal with some random Amazon Marketplace vendor.

The third listing seems to be a bizarre algorithmically priced corner case, a no-stock placeholder, or a money-laundering scheme. Judging from the pricing of other “moneyworldstore” offerings, their business model doesn’t include retail sales.

So much weirdness from one simple item …

3 thoughts on “Amazon Product Puzzlement

  1. Also no fun is when you search for a very specific part number and it bring up other things too, because, you know, they were “close” somehow. Bots have a lot to learn yet.

    1. If you don’t see what you want on the first page after the irrelevant “sponsored” crap, then you’ll never find it. Amazon’s search is basically worthless; even eBay does it better.

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