Bike Helmet Mirror Mount Tightening

Almost exactly three years later, it’s time to tighten the helmet mirror mount screws:

Helmet mirror mount - bottom view - setscrew
Helmet mirror mount – bottom view – setscrew

That’s a 0.035 inch = 35 mil hex wrench, of which Eks reminds me “Any time your design requires a tiny [obscene gerund] wrench, you’re doing it wrong”.

The sequence goes like this:

  • Loosen that tiny setscrew
  • Unscrew & remove the mirror boom
  • Remove brass screw & azimuth pivot
  • Tighten screw in elevation pivot
  • Tighten tiny setscrew on elevation arc
  • Reinstall & tighten azimuth pivot
  • Reinstall mirror boom
  • Tighten tiny setscrew

Going strong after seven years!