Kenmore Model 158 Pedal: Graphite Disk Refill

The pedal on one of Mary’s Kenmore Model 158 sewing machines lost most of its speed control abilities, which past experience has shown indicates its carbon / graphite disks have deteriorated. Fortunately, I still have a supply of disks from the Crash Test Dummy machine and have gotten pretty good at dismantling the pedal housing.

While I had the pedal apart, I filed the brass contact plates smooth again:

Kenmore 158 Pedal - graphite disk contact
Kenmore 158 Pedal – graphite disk contact

Most of the deterioration happens within half a dozen disks snuggled up against those contacts, a few more on the other end of the stack against the graphite button applying the pressure, and an occasional grimy disk in the middle of the stack.

I filled both stacks flush to the top of the ceramic housing, then removed one disk from each to let the brass contacts slightly compress the stacks:

Kenmore 158 Pedal - graphite disk refill
Kenmore 158 Pedal – graphite disk refill

A quick test showed the control range started a bit too fast, so I removed one more disk from the stacks, buttoned it up, and it’s all good again: a slow start with a good range.

2 thoughts on “Kenmore Model 158 Pedal: Graphite Disk Refill

  1. Based on the effort you’ve put into this, I’m guessing you don’t have a source for more carbon discs? I find they deteriorate quite rapidly when the pedal falls from the sewing table to the floor.

    1. Mary’s unusually good at not dropping things, so we haven’t discovered the pedal’s shock sensitivity. [grin]

      I’ve been maintaining two other pedals with disks harvested from the Crash Test Dummy’s pedal, but I foresee a triac-based foot pedal in our future, no matter how awful they are.

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