Monthly Image: Maple Tree Fungus

Repaving the driveway truncated the roots of a maple tree and, this year, produced a handsome pair of fungii:

Fungus - top view
Fungus – top view

Seen from the side, they’re even more complex:

Fungus - side view
Fungus – side view

They’re firm and perfectly healthy, but the tree is likely doomed.

3 thoughts on “Monthly Image: Maple Tree Fungus

    1. Looks about right to me, although I am so not going to nibble from either the “Makes you larger” or “Makes you smaller” side.

    2. Every few years, the local mushroom hunters get somebody who tries to prove the second part of that statement. Our place gets some really large ‘shrooms; somewhat bigger than a Portabello. No idea of toxicity or taste. [grin]

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