Summer Downshift

We have several high-intensity / long-attention-span home projects scheduled this summer, all of which will keep me away from the Basement Laboratory.

We’re OK, all is right with our world, but painting rooms and yard maintenance always takeĀ way more time than they should, while having close to zero intellectual content.

Like, for example, the result of a strenuous morning devoted to removing a severely overgrown holly bush:

Mother of All Holly Bush Stumps

Mother of All Holly Bush Stumps

I’ll post odd & ends a few times a week until maybe mid-August, whereupon I should get back to more usual pursuits.

Enjoy your downtime …


  1. #1 by Joel Davidson on 2018-06-12 - 09:38

    Best of luck with all the projects Ed. One of the joys and curses of home ownership – there’s always another project that needs to get done.

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