QRPme Pocket Pal II

A QRPme Pocket Pal II could be a suitable project for a Squidwrench “advanced soldering” class:

QRPme Pocket Pal II - front
QRPme Pocket Pal II – front

Yes, it comes with a tin case:

QRPme Pocket Pal II - tin case
QRPme Pocket Pal II – tin case

You must fit your own insulating sheet under the PCB; polypropylene snipped from a retail package works fine.

It’s intended as a “mint tin sized tester for all kinds of hamfest goodies”, but it seems like a nice source of small currents, voltages, and signals suitable for stimulating all manner of circuitry one might encounter in later sessions of a beginning electronics class.

Before using it, of course, one must solder a handful of small through-hole parts into the PCB, a skill none of us were born with.

For completeness, the back side, hot from the soldering iron:

QRPme Pocket Pal II - rear
QRPme Pocket Pal II – rear

The kits (always buy two of anything like this) arrived minus a few parts, which I suspect was due to an avalanche of orders brought on by a favorable QST review. Fortunately, I (still) have a sufficient Heap o’ Parts to finish it off without resupply, although a hank of 9 V battery snaps will arrive in short order.

5 thoughts on “QRPme Pocket Pal II

  1. Is it time to resupply the 9V battery stash? Running short code there. [grin]

      1. I keep my spares in the fridge, but I’m using so few 9V batteries, the Costco packs might be overkill. Let’s see, 2 smoke detectors and the mattress controller. In the shop, the DVM and the laser level remote when I’m using it. Yep, next time it’ll be a 6 pack or equivalent. I’m already doing that for C cells (one radio).

        1. I retired the last C-cell user last week – the motion sensing back porch died – oxidized plastic broke and wasn’t worth fixing, not when a Home Depot solar light was on sale – 50% off.
          I’ve pretty much settled on AAs and Ds, and 18650 cells.

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