Silicone Insulated Wire

Quite unlike the non-standard ribbon cable in the WWVB loop antenna, these 10 foot hanks of 24 AWG silicone insulated wire were exactly as described:

24 AWG Silicone Wire
24 AWG Silicone Wire

The probes report a resistance of 270 mΩ (net of the 50 mΩ probe-to-probe resistance), as close as one could ask to the nominal 26 Ω/1000 ft spec for 24 AWG wire at the current Basement Laboratory temperature.

They are exceedingly limp and flexy, due to many teensy conductors; not at all like PVC hookup wire.

If you’re willing to buy 500 feet of each color, the cost-per-foot from a reputable supplier gets downright competitive, but I’m not in that market.