Auto-V.I.N Gauge Scam

Anybody capable of fogging a mirror knows how this scam works:

TCU 100 - Giveaway teaser
TCU 100 – Giveaway teaser

The copious fine print says you can only see the actual fine print by traveling to Arizona:

TCU 100 - Giveaway fine print
TCU 100 – Giveaway fine print

I’m nowhere near hungry enough to like the odds, even for a $100 Walmart gift card.

An Auto-V.I.N Gauge (their choice of punctuation) must improve the response rate:

TCU 100 - Auto-VIN Gauge - activated
TCU 100 – Auto-VIN Gauge – activated

Is it any surprise the numbers match?

TCU 100 - scratch-off number
TCU 100 – scratch-off number

No. No, it’s not.

The “Gauge” actually contains parts, although fewer than IMO they want you to believe:

TCU 100 - Auto-VIN Gauge - components
TCU 100 – Auto-VIN Gauge – components

It’ll serve to produce measurable current & voltage for an upcoming Squidwrench Electronics Workshop and, because it need not survive the experience, we will take considerable liberties with it.

7 thoughts on “Auto-V.I.N Gauge Scam

  1. There’s been some interesting* stories about incidents on that cruise line over the past few years.

    (*) in the Chinese curse sense

      1. That cruise line has a reputation. Adding “death” to a search on the company’s name gets hair raising.

  2. I Just got one today in Oakland CA 06-25-2018. My numbers match yours!

      1. I received one on 6-30-2018 in West Chester, PA. My numbers also match yours. Thanks for inspiring me to take the thing apart and retrieve its two perfectly good LR41 button cell batteries before I toss the rest.

        1. Following the money on those things definitely leads into some dark alleyways …

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