Monthly Science: As Seen On Radio

This showed up when I looked at our APRS tracks after a recent ride:

Balloon chase - KJ5HY-9

Balloon chase – KJ5HY-9

Poking around a bit showed the target:

Balloon chase - W2KGY-12

Balloon chase – W2KGY-12

Contrary to what I thought, it didn’t come up the Hudson River from West Point:

Balloon chase - W2KGY-12 track - 2018-04-21 to 2018-04-24

Balloon chase – W2KGY-12 track – 2018-04-21 to 2018-04-24

Knowledge of the Universal Law of the Conservation of Perversity informs you a balloon will never land in the middle of a putting green:

Balloon chase - W2KGY-12 landing site

Balloon chase – W2KGY-12 landing site

Apparently the launch is part of a regular class project at West Point. Good clean fun!

  1. #1 by Eric Myers on 2018-06-08 - 12:06

    It’s wonderful that you “saw” the balloon that day.
    Here are my slides about the mission (and the one the year before it):

    • #2 by Ed on 2018-06-08 - 12:57

      And now we know the rest of the story!

      Apropos of space exploration: I got The Thousand Yard Model a zillion years ago, collected a box of planets and a bowling ball sun, set it up at several family gatherings, and never took space travel for granted ever again.

  2. #3 by Eric Myers on 2018-06-13 - 22:05

    That’s great. I was set my model up on the Walkway Over the Hudson two weeks ago, but then had to stow it immediately when they spotted approaching lightning. I hope to have a few more shots at it this summer.