Monthly Image: March Snowfall

One of the March snowstorms dumped about a foot of wet, sticky snow on our yard throughout the day and evening:

Snowfall - Front yard
Snowfall – Front yard

The high-pressure sodium street light behind the tree glows orange, with LED yard lights on the right providing blue highlights.

The faint purple disk dead center in the image comes from the Pixel XL’s IR laser (so they say) rangefinder reflected in 1950-era window glass. Another image, with the Pixel pressed flat against the glass, shows two reflections:

Snowfall - Pixel IR rangefinder reflections - detail
Snowfall – Pixel IR rangefinder reflections – detail

Mary took a similar picture in the morning, standing in the patio just outside the front door:

Snowfall - Front yard - day
Snowfall – Front yard – day

The downed branch will require some chainsaw work, but, if past experience is any guide, the sticks will vanish from the end of the driveway within a day. The previous storm dropped a tree on the power lines half a mile northward, leaving us in the dark for about 18 hours.

Funny thing about major snowstorms, though: there’s not much looting in their aftermath.

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