Chipmunk Fatality

I found this while moving the wheelbarrow off the driveway in preparation for another snowfall:

Submerged and frozen chipmunk

Submerged and frozen chipmunk

It may have sipped water from the bowl, fell in, drowned, then froze in place. Mary uses rainwater (or snowmelt) for household plants, at least during somewhat warmer weather, but the bowl obviously presents an attractive nuisance for little critters.

Chipmunks are basically rats in snappy livery, but even they don’t deserve such a fate.

  1. #1 by RCPete on 2018-03-18 - 08:15

    I’ve had a few make it into the garden shed and try to make a nest in wadded up deer cloth. They made it through some of the large mesh and get trapped. Found 2 one spring and another last year. I try to keep the cloth inaccessible, but they’re determined critters.

    If a chipmunk gets trapped in a ground squirrel trap, I’ll let it go. They can’t get at the tomatoes and have shown no interest in the zucchini.

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