Egg Size Distribution

We got several cartons of “medium” brown eggs with what seemed like an unusually wide size distribution, so I picked out and weighed an assortment for future reference:

Brown egg size distribution

Brown egg size distribution

Of course, there’s an egg size specification. Actually, there areĀ many egg size specifications.

We occasionally get huge eggs, tiny eggs, eggs with two yolks, no yolks, or blood-spotted yolks, all of which turn out to be no big deal. I admit to not previously encountering the term “fart egg”, however …

  1. #1 by Olli on 2018-01-22 - 03:11

    …the organic eggs, barn eggs, eggs from enriched cages…

    • #2 by Ed on 2018-01-22 - 09:23

      Next New Thing: chickens laying RFID-tagged eggs!

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