SRAM Shift Indicator Repair: Polypropylene Sheet

Over the course of a few weeks, both of the indicators in the SRAM grip shifters on my bike snapped off. Having recently touched my parallel jaw clamp assortment, it occurred to me I could mold snippets of polypropylene sheet (saved from random clamshell packages for just such a purpose) around the nose of a clamp and come out pretty close to the final shape:

SRAM Shift Indicator - shaped replacements
SRAM Shift Indicator – shaped replacements

A hot air gun set on LOW and held a foot away softened the polypro enough so a gloved thumb could squash it against the jaw. Too much heat shrinks the sheet into a blob, too little heat lets the sheet spring back to its original shape.

The flat tab of the original indicator is about 1 mm thick. I found a package of 47 mil = 1.2 mm sheet with one nice right-angle bend and ran with it.

Because I expect sunlight will fade any color other than black, that’s the Sharpie I applied.

They don’t look as awful as you might expect. The rear shifter, minus the cover:

SRAM Shift Indicator - rear detail
SRAM Shift Indicator – rear detail

The front shifter, with cover installed and HT PTT button below the still-good Kapton tape:

SRAM Shift Indicator - front assembled
SRAM Shift Indicator – front assembled

The transparent covers press the OEM indicators down and do the same for my homebrew tabs. I expect the Sharpie will wear quickly at those contact points; next time, I should tint the other side.

They’re rather subtle, I’ll grant you that.

Now, to see if they survive long enough to make the worry about a brighter color fading away a real problem…