Buck Season

This eight-pointer was one of two browsing in the back-yard grove:

Eight point buck deer in velvet
Eight point buck deer in velvet

The other was a mere four-pointer. In a few weeks they’ll get all feisty and browse the grove in shifts.

The notion of a “suburban hunting license”, perhaps with crossbows, may eventually gain traction.

A few days later, Mary awoke to a great clattering caused by a buck fighting free of the slot between the garden’s mesh “deer fence” and the neighbor’s wood fence, flattening the corner post in the process. A similar encounter a few years ago ended poorly.

4 thoughts on “Buck Season

  1. Thanks for the reminder … time to put all the tree cages on … ugh

  2. The local deer don’t like zucchini (can’t say that about the ground squirrels, but I’m ruthless with them), but they’d love our tomatoes. However, they haven’t figured out hot to open the greenhouse…

    1. Turns out chipmunks like cherry tomatoes just fine, too. She managed to harvest ahead of the critters this year, while threatening them with a mousetrap. It’s been a definite race.

      1. I had to squirrel-proof the greenhouse a few years back. Rabbit cage stock makes a good screen, and the chippies haven’t figured out the climb. The resident frog doesn’t eat much, either.

        The hot summer played hell on the tomatoes; tried an heirloom mix in one bed, and one variety is 100% loss to blossom end rot. The Oregon-specific hybrid has had some losses, but we’re doing all right. Third dehydrator run finishes this morning… The Siberia tomatoes seem to be doing better, but the pots they are in facilitate steady watering, too.

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