Monthly Image: Here’s Looking at You!

A strangely equipped van-like object emerging from Vassar Farms waited entirely too long for me to ride past:

Vassar Farms - 2017-05-04
Vassar Farms – 2017-05-04

The signage on the rear quarter panel read “Apple Maps /” and a search with the obvious keywords produced a much better picture from the good folks at Adafruit in NYC of what might be the very same vehicle:

Adafruit - Apple Maps Vehicle
Adafruit – Apple Maps Vehicle

The Apple Maps schedule says nothing about being in Dutchess County this month. Maybe they’re lost?

Not being an Apple kind of guy, let me know if you see me riding by …

One thought on “Monthly Image: Here’s Looking at You!

  1. Looks a very similar setup to the Uber maps cars. The Uber rooftop setup has a huge heatsink, so there’s some processing going on that they need to prevent overheating.

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