Dropbox Tour: To Keep Learning, Click Cancel

After copying a Digital Machinist column to my Dropbox folder, I went to the site to get the link, discovered they improved the UI, declined a Flash-based tour of the new features, and got this baffling confirmation dialog:

Dropbox - tour exit dialog
Dropbox – tour exit dialog

So. Many. Wrongs.

4 thoughts on “Dropbox Tour: To Keep Learning, Click Cancel

    1. Google Translate says “disimprovement”… along the same lines as “cheapnification”, methinks!

  1. Similar and very very annoying example…Try to delete an “kinda core” unwanted Android app, say Facebook. The phone’s response is not a rejection. Nope. It’s something like “Would you like to revert to the factory original code?” Say, what?

    1. That means it’s bloatware that is built into the phone and can’t be deleted. Any updates to the program that have been downloaded and installed can be removed, but the base app can’t be.

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