Patient Sign-In FAIL

We must announce our arrival at the dentist by signing in through a web-based iPad app:

Dentist iPad sign-in - network fail

Dentist iPad sign-in – network fail

You’ll note the signal strength indicator in the upper left shows as much RF as one might reasonably expect from a router within line-of-sight across the room.

FWIW, I’m getting really tired of the hipster dark-gray on light-gray design ethos.


  1. #1 by madbodger on 2017-04-16 - 10:24

    Hmm, I can reach that URL from here (which is slightly worrying, I was hoping they ran a local site and a local DNS for it). Traceroute reveals it’s via comcast, and sure enough, there are some dodgy connections (as per usual for comcast). Perhaps the local RF link was fine, but it was getting lost on its trip through comcast’s routers?

  2. #2 by RCPete on 2017-04-16 - 12:12

    I’m impressed (not favorably) by people who assume their bodies will continue to act perfectly for-evah! My retina guy thinks he can help my poorer eye, though I might need to see a cornea specialist for some other fun and games.

    My dentist has a small practice, so we have real people in the business office. OTOH, there’s mainly Spectrum (formerly Charter) Internet in town, and they make Comcast look competent.