MicroMark Bandsaw: Blackened Table

The really bright LED worklights I added to the MicroMark bandsaw produced plenty of glare from the raw aluminum table top:

USB Gooseneck Mount - on bandsaw
USB Gooseneck Mount – on bandsaw

No good deed goes unpunished, I suppose.

While rooting around for something else, I rediscovered my bottle of Birchwood Casey Aluminum Black (basically selenium dioxide) that’s intended for touchup work on small parts, not blackening an entire aluminum plate. Well, having had that bottle forever, it’s not like I’ll miss a few milliliters.

If this didn’t work, I could always sand the table down to the original aluminum finish.

So I applied a sanding block in hopes of smoothing the tooling marks:

MicroMark Bandsaw - sanded table
MicroMark Bandsaw – sanded table

Looked pretty good, I thought, so:

  • Wipe it down with alcohol (per the bottle instructions)
  • Slather on a generous dose of Aluminum Black
  • Let that chew on the table for a minute
  • Rinse off with water, wipe dry
  • Perch atop the furnace for thorough drying
  • Spray with Topsaver oil, wipe down
  • Put it back on the bandsaw

Aaaaand it looks great:

MicroMark Bandsaw - blackened table
MicroMark Bandsaw – blackened table

Well, in terms of metal finishing, that blackening job looks downright crappy. Aluminium Black is intended for decorative work and will surely wear quickly on the bandsaw table, but it’s entirely good enough for my simple needs: the glare from those lights is gone.

After I took the picture, I blackened the brass screw in the slot. Came out a weird mottled green-bronze, might look antique in a different context, suits me just fine.


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