Pi Measuring Tape

This clearly demonstrates that the world is even more weird than I imagined (clicky for more dots):

Pi Tape
Pi Tape

I don’t measure that many big cylinders that I can’t figure out their diameter by hand.

The prices suggest folks who need Pi Tapes need them bad.

4 thoughts on “Pi Measuring Tape

  1. Pi tapes are expensive because there really is no other alternative except a big old micrometer which costs really big bucks and takes up a huge amount of space. Drop a big mike accidentally and there is a good chance that it is ruined. Pi tapes are easy to use, pretty accurate and occupy little space when rolled up. Of course a pi tape can’t measure out of roundness and they do seem to be a tad pricey though.

    1. Not that I’ve ever deliberately dropped a precision tool…

      Or, for that matter, a small part. [heavy sigh, searches for flashlight]

  2. this is a variation of Circumference ruler used by sheet metal workers, I have a three foot Circumference ruler that I used to use for sheet metal work – one edge is standard inches and along side it is the circumference length – nice for making circular duct work –

    1. Long ago, I built a sheet metal adapter box from the clothes dryer’s 4 inch round exhaust port to the 3×10 inch rectangular hole in the house wall, offset by half the dryer width and jammed into the available three inches of free space. That project gave me a profound respect for sheet metal workers, a deep appreciation for all my fingers, and a desire to never do that again.

      A tip o’ the cycling helmet to you for needing a Circumference Ruler!

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