Taylor Kitchen Thermometer Dial Cover

Fortunately, it didn’t fall off into the roasting pan:

Taylor meat thermometer - cover failure
Taylor meat thermometer – cover failure

The lens slides right out of that nicely curved and crimped housing, the rim ID of which should be slightly smaller than the lens OD. But it ain’t and I definitely can’t crimp it any further.

Three small dabs of clear epoxy and it should be good forever more…

It’s a simpler replacement for the digital thermometer, when continuous monitoring isn’t needed. I thought it’d be more durable, but … no.

One thought on “Taylor Kitchen Thermometer Dial Cover

  1. We’ve had good luck with the CDN cooking thermometer from the local restaurant supply outfit (open to the public, thanks to no sales tax in Oregon). The candy thermometer is a Taylor, listed as dishwasher-safe, but is rather old. (Maybe 30-40 years…) It has a glass cover, with a bezel holding the glass tight to the body. Of course, the need for a 400F thermometer is limited in the household, but it’s too good to toss.

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