Kohl’s Guest WiFi Terms & Conditions: The Short Version

I enjoy exposing my tired old Kindle to random assaults, so I’m always on the lookout for FREE WIFI! hotspots:

Kohls Guest WiFi - login screen
Kohls Guest WiFi – login screen

You can’t resize the text, there are no linkies to the details of the Kohl’s Terms or Kohl’s Privacy Policy (viewing them would presumably require a browser, which would require using the WiFi, which you haven’t yet been approved to use), leaving a decision between “Hit me!” and, oh, maybe re-reading The Martian.

In the local Sears some months ago, I spent the better part of 20 minutes scrolling their lengthy T&C, following the links (which they provide through the same peephole!), and generally admiring their legal department’s sophistry.

I’m not a formal member of The Society for the Easily Amused, but I support their cause and, obviously, don’t get out nearly enough.

3 thoughts on “Kohl’s Guest WiFi Terms & Conditions: The Short Version

  1. I rarely accept free WiFi nowadays, as it is never exactly “free”. The T&Cs have gotten a bit scary and the localized access seems to be a good hacking/cracking point depending on where you are. The local muffler shop may be okay with two other people watching The Price is Right, however, the local Panera Bread with 200 other people camped out all day with laptops is another. Why does everything once good seem to be seized upon as a marketing or data collecting opportunity?

  2. I went back to look at the NTP side channel attack, and it looks like their NTP server was counting up from the Epoch (“time zero” in Unix, Jan 1st 1970). I’ll probably be around for the Y2.039K problem and billing mightily.

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