Improved Fireball Cocoa Recipe

It turns out that non-alkalized / non-Dutch-process cocoa has a much lower surface energy than good old Hershey’s, to the extent that my Fireball Cocoa Recipe produces powder bombs, even after far more stirring than I’m willing to exert.

The trick is to stir the mud for a while, then let it set for 15 minutes:

Cocoa mud

Cocoa mud

That apparently gives the cocoa time to get along with the milk and join forces. Stir it up again, let it sit for a few minutes, then proceed with the recipe: smooooth cocoa with no powder bombs.

A bit more Vietmamese cinnamon is no bad thing, either …


  1. #1 by Red County Pete on 2016-02-20 - 10:51

    The regional Costco dropped sugar-free Swiss-Miss cocoa (and some [redacted] customer tried to lecture us on how bad for us it was), so we came up with a slightly modified Alton Brown recipe for cocoa, with sucralose instead of sucrose. (Julie hates the cayenne, so that gets skipped, too. YMMV.) We found the restaurant supply store (yeah no sales tax!) carries Hershey’s cocoa in 5 pound bags for about $32-35. I’ve been hooked on mocha as my first cuppa for decades, and Julie caught the bug.

    5 pounds fills two 5-quart Rubbermaid containers completely, with a couple of quarts left over for the third one. It’s going to last a long time. (At least Costco still sells the containers, though they keep adding free-range, cruelty free organic coffee or something.)

    • #2 by Ed on 2016-02-20 - 20:14

      I got the whoop-dee-doo cocoa to see what it’s like. Tastes a lot like good old Hershey’s, as nearly as I can tell, but, surely, the additional antioxidants make it better!

      Between that and the green tea, I should be just about rustproof…