Got My Picture On The Cover Of Circuit Cellar

Well, a picture of my circuitry, anyhow, there in the upper-right corner:

Circuit Cellar 306 - January 2016 - Cover
Circuit Cellar 306 – January 2016 – Cover

It’s the avalanche noise random number generator:

Reverse-bias noise amplifier - detail
Reverse-bias noise amplifier – detail

I’m pretty sure they color-negatived it to suppress that retina-burn magenta PETG holder.

It wasn’t for my column, but the Tinny cover painting for Circuit Cellar Issue 29 (“Measurement and Control”) hangs near my desk:

Robert Tinney - Cover for Circuit Cellar Issue 29
Robert Tinney – Cover for Circuit Cellar Issue 29

Back then, I was writing the Firmware Furnace column. Ah, those were the days…


9 thoughts on “Got My Picture On The Cover Of Circuit Cellar

  1. Heh, it does have that ring to it but is actually more significant on CC (Ink). I don’t think I have ever even picked up a copy of Rolling Stone before.

    1. CC generally uses a cover painting based on the issue’s theme, which means the artist can start painting (or drawing or however they do that stuff) long before the issue’s content comes together. For all I know, the cover painting for Issue 306 vanished in the mail; I’m content to be a contingency!

  2. The artist should always sign his work. At least, stamp it with his logo. You do have a logo, don’t you? A coat of arms? Perhaps a pair of recumbent bicycles rampant on a field of homegrown kale.

    1. Something timeless: a bicycle wheel rampant on a field of glass chips. [sigh]

      1. Could be worse: a bicycle tire encrusted with goatshead thorns. I got home on the spare tube, but the tire, the original and spare tube, and the urethane protecto-strip were all goners. Santa Clara streets-and-landscaping department FTL!

        1. Oops, sorry about the mis-format.

          [Ed: fixed, I think.]

  3. I recognized one of your schematics in a contest page too.

    1. Kinda wish they’d give me a heads-up about stuff like that, but, hey, even if I serve as a Bad Example, I can still be useful!

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