9 thoughts on “Tools for Ladies

  1. I considered buying some of the pink swag just to have some distinctive looking tools, but it doesn’t seem to have the good sales. A friend of mine buys it because it amuses her, and I expect she has more grip strength than me and thee. I think there used to be a usenet group (remember usenet?) called something like alt.fan.power.tools.pink.

    1. A friend points out that dunking your tool handles in pink grippy plastic can reduce the number of borrowed-and-not-returned tools.

      For guys having tools and lacking gender identity problems, anyway… [grin]

      1. Sadly, I don’t find this to be effective in practice. My pink screwdriver got mixed with a friend’s stuff at a Maker Faire, and after that he insisted it was actually his girlfriend’s screwdriver. This, despite him knowing about my tactic from day one.

        1. Perhaps you can regard that as going to a Good Cause… and scratch him off your gift list. [grin]

  2. Pink tools? Ahh, the power of pink. My last shock came from discovering pink link’n’logs. Now girls can build too. Maybe they even got some STEM funding for that stunt… What’s next? (Oh the humanity.)

  3. “tough tiger pink” is what Jughead called a pink scooter in an ancient comic!

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