Silhouette Glasses: Temple Re-repair

This was not the failure mode I expected:

Silhouette temple - failed repair
Silhouette temple – failed repair

As failures go, that one’s survivable; slightly larger epoxy dots should do the trick:

Silhouette temple - re-repair
Silhouette temple – re-repair

The other temple worked loose inside the brass tube and rotated freely, so I yanked it out, bashed the tip slightly flatter, and epoxied it back in place, along with overcoating the epoxy dots on the lens to forestall another failure.

This has obviously blown right by the point of absurdity, but …

7 thoughts on “Silhouette Glasses: Temple Re-repair

  1. point of absurdity

    Yeah, I’m trying to revive a DVD-ROM that won’t open all the time. Seems 14 years of time and dust don’t help the mechanisms, and getting the right lube in the right places is close to impossible. The replacement is on order… OTOH, I noticed that 250 gbyte IDE hard drives are selling for $25.00. Next Amazon order, I suspect.

    1. 250 GB SATA drives can’t be much more. I’ve got one about a decade old that I want to get rid of… and an older 128 GB IDE that is definitely useless to me. It’s just extra heavy and uses a lot more electricity than my newer drives. Oh yeah, and whenever I upgrade from my ’09 motherboard I won’t be able to connect it anyway.

      1. I’ve seen a cheap ($7.95) adapter to get SATA drives in an IDE motherboard, so options are open. I didn’t try it for the DVD drive, but it’s an option. Hmm, should find a USB-2 card for the ’01 board while I’m at it. It’s still cheaper than an off-lease Dell, though kind of slow…

        1. At some point, getting rid of it during an upgrade makes sense. Terrabyte SATA Drives are around $35 + $25 per Terrabyte. Easier to just copy the old drive.
          Oh – and I like taking over someone’s blog with a totally off-topic discussion. Bed-bug Ed won’t mind. Plus, it has only been road condition updates lately…

          1. OK, drifting back on topic (mostly–grin), I’ve found Blue or Purple Locktite useful for eyeglass screws. The purple isn’t readily available, but I got a 50 ml bottle (lifetime supply) at one of the surplus joints a decade or so ago. (Purple is the lowest strength, I think.)

          2. it has only been road condition updates lately…

            Just like a duck: the top may look calm, but there’s plenty of paddling below the surface!

            Those road reports also go to various agencies and (presumably) start the repair clock; what you see here documents problems so I can exhibit them later. I should exhaust the pothole supply in short order…

          3. Besides the price, it’s also a mechanical part. My oldest and smallest hard disk in active use, a 320 GB Samsung SATA drive, has been powered on for a total of 6 years, 7 months, and 5 days. It merely holds game executables and assets. I wouldn’t want some catastrophic failure affecting my data, even if I do have it duplicated.

            Also, my 256 GB Crucial MX100 SSD could be large enough if your needs are small. I’m not entirely sure about the aging process on that one, though.

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