These Are Not the Book Drops You Are Looking For

The Vassar Library could be a model for J.K. Rowling’s work:

Vassar Library - front
Vassar Library – front

A closer look at the jarringly contemporary containers along the mid-left edge of that picture:

Vassar Library - Trash and recycling containers
Vassar Library – Trash and recycling containers

Pop quiz: How many books did they find in the trash before they added the placards?

Bonus: How much did that reduce the burn rate? It’s surely still nonzero, because nobody reads instructions. Right?

Double bonus: Does the real book drop sport a “This is NOT a trash can” placard?

5 thoughts on “These Are Not the Book Drops You Are Looking For

  1. They really tried to make them look like book drops though. Its hard to believe that anyone who would have gone the library to get a book in the first place would have made the mistake of placing them in the trash versus a real return.

  2. There is a reason why mailboxes are all the exact same color.

    1. I’d be hard-pressed to testify when I last pulled one of their handles, but they’re blue, with occasional olive-drab “this is not a mail box” carrier storage units.

      You’d never use one of those as a trash can, right? [sigh]

  3. If you don’t want it mistaken for a book drop, don’t make it look like a book drop…

    You get the odd brain-dead behavior every once in a while. A good friend “mailed” his keys once. The local taqueria has a tray for silverware to the valued customers who rate better than plastic. (We count, but I better not toss any.)

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