CNC Workshop 2015: Arduino Survival Guide, Workshop Edition

MOSFET RDS Tester - Arduino
MOSFET RDS Tester – Arduino

Armed with bags of electronic parts and boxes of meters, I’ll be helping folks at the CNC Workshop understand the electrical limitations of the Arduino microcontrollers they’re building into projects.

The presentation in PDF form:

Arduino Survival Guide – Workshop Edition – CNC Workshop 2015

We’ll wing it with the source code, because nothing’s more than a few lines long…

3 thoughts on “CNC Workshop 2015: Arduino Survival Guide, Workshop Edition

  1. Nice.
    Taking apart a printer I noticed the pcb with the input buttons had a capacitor parallel with every button (1u if I remember correctly). I would assume they also had a resistor somewhere on the main board. Doesn’t get rid of debouncing but at least reduces line noise from long cables.

    Oh – and I’d also like to sell you some hardware that boosts your arduino’s efficency by 600% :
    Since you already introduced red leds as around 2V :
    one red LED: 20mA3V= 60mW wasted.
    two red LEDs in series at half the current: 10mA
    1V = 10mW wasted.
    If every person on earth would change five of their arduinos to this setup one could get rid of one coal plant.
    (Not quite, since leds on arduinos always blink, it would be half that)

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