Spotted these Canada Geese over Page Industrial Park on the Dutchess Rail Trail:

Canada Geese over DCRT
Canada Geese over DCRT

They were discussing current events and seemed to be having a fine time.

I was, too!

An image from the HDR-AS30V helmet camera video, with just a touch of contrast adjustment.

2 thoughts on “Honkers!

  1. We’re on one of the west coast migration flyways, and spring and fall makes for some fascinating sights. One summer we had a pair of geese training their young one on the art of takeoffs and landing. Our (Canada) geese like to fly after dark, at least over the river.

    1. I assume they start with any landing they can walk away from being a good landing, then they get better quickly.

      We sometimes hear squadrons of geese flying low along the Mighty Wappingers Creek out back, early or late in the day. I like to think they’re swapping tales of distant places, although, for all I know, they’re locals who never leave the county.

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