Splitting Banana Skins

Over the last year or two, we’ve had several bunches of bananas that split their own skin:

Banana with split skin
Banana with split skin

Apart from the slightly dried section directly under the split, the banana is perfectly edible.

Not sure what it means, other than that we‘re probably not causing it. We don’t recall it happening in the Good Old Days.

Cavendish bananas will probably vanish in a few decades, so enjoy ’em while ya got ’em.

5 thoughts on “Splitting Banana Skins

  1. A bit of that fancy tape you have would keep the area hermetically sealed for your protection and enjoyment.

  2. I liked the Big Mike bananæ, back when they were available. Ah well.

  3. ‘Tis curious. We always each have a banana daily and have never run into this issue. FWIW, 90+% of ours are Del Monte, with the others Dole or Chiquita. I wonder if it’s a transportation thing, like the fact that we’ve had multiple failures of our bulk yeast until we stopped getting it locally in favor of the same outfit west of the Cascades. (It gets pretty hot here in summertime, though you couldn’t prove it this month. At least it was above freezing (34F) this morning…)

    1. All of ours come with Big Name stickers, too, so they’re not fly-by-night bananas. I suppose they dry out in the month they spend traveling from the plantation to our rack, but there’s absolutely no way to know that for sure.

      I’m certain nobody on the local end knows much about the rest of the distribution system for any particular bunch…

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