Monthly Image: Bootleg Bell Ringers

MHVLUG meetings end around 8 pm and, depending on this-and-that, the bell atop Old Main on the Vassar College campus will be tolling the hour as we emerge. Here’s a scene-setting photo from Wikimedia, taken from about where I parked the car:

Vassar College Old Main Building

Vassar College Old Main Building

Although the bell didn’t have its usual steady rhythm after the most recent meeting, I didn’t expect this:

Bell Ringers atop Vassar Old Main

Bell Ringers atop Vassar Old Main

The tree grows in the near foreground, not over Old Main.

Two of them realized the risk of permanent hearing damage, but do you see the real hazard?

Take a closer look:

Bell Ringers atop Vassar Old Main - detail

Bell Ringers atop Vassar Old Main – detail

No, it’s not the guy leaning against the historic-but-flimsy railing. That folded-dipole antenna over on the right side most likely connects to Vassar’s 45 W UHF EMS repeater; at that range, RF can burn deeply.

Obviously, the student body needs more amateur radio operators…

Taken with the Canon SX230HS braced on the side of the Forester and zoomed all the way.

  1. #1 by Trudi on 2015-05-15 - 08:34

    I jest knew admitting boys to Vassar was a bad idea!

    • #2 by Ed on 2015-05-15 - 09:20

      Now that you mention it, testosterone poisoning might explain the situation…

  2. #3 by Todd Swatling on 2015-05-29 - 13:56

    • #4 by Ed on 2015-05-29 - 14:29

      Huh. Ya learn something new every day around here… [grin]

      Thanks for the background info!