Bad Batteries Are Bad: Cold Weather Edition

So we took an out-and-back walk across the Walkway Over the Hudson, after which I spotted this amusing sight:

Parking Meter - empty battery box
Parking Meter – empty battery box

The horrible color balance comes from using a preset tuned for the M2’s new LED lights, rather than letting the camera figure things out on its own, then fighting it down after cropping.

Anyhow, we did a bit over two miles of walking with outdoor temperature just over freezing. The camera lives in the left cargo pocket of my pants and the spare NB-5L battery in the camera case faces outward. Neither battery would power the camera at ambient temperature; evidently, being that cold reduced their output voltage below the level that the camera would accept.

With a cold battery, the camera grunted, displayed a message about replacing the battery, and promptly shut itself off. Warming one of the batteries boosted its terminal voltage enough to take the picture, which accounts for not getting the proper color balance: I was fully occupied just getting the camera working.

Back home and warmed up, the camera said both batteries were fully charged. They came from the BNF27 lot that produced low terminal voltages, so I’ll reserve them for warmer weather and use the BNI13 lot during the next few months.


2 thoughts on “Bad Batteries Are Bad: Cold Weather Edition

  1. Looks like there’s something in there, like maybe a rolled up piece of carpet?

    1. Abandoned battery cables, I think, as there’s no battery to be found.

      They recently switched from one parking meter system to another; this is the old payment station. I cannot imagine they net any money, given that the city bulldozed a free lot along the access path, but the rituals must be observed: all other state parks have pay-to-park lots.

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