Always Remove Your Data Before Disposing of Your Hardware

Surely you’ve seen the reports on the plumber who sold his Ford F-250 pickup, only to have it reappear on the Syrian front lines, recycled into an anti-aircraft gun platform:

Mark-1 Truck Cannon in Syria

Mark-1 Truck Cannon in Syria

That’s the most spectacular example I’ve seen of what happens when you leave personal data on hardware that’s no longer under your control, but imagine what would happen if your junked hard drive wound up holding, oh, say, a few gigabytes of kiddy porn, along with your old letters and spreadsheets.

A visit from the DHS agents would look downright appealing.

You could always scrub the platters clean:

Scrubbed hard drive platters

Scrubbed hard drive platters

The gun has shrapnel shields and might actually be an anti-aircraft gun, but it’s obviously pounding ground-level targets…

  1. #1 by Red County Pete on 2014-12-27 - 18:30

    might actually be an anti-aircraft gun

    Looks like they are borrowing from the Wehrmacht playbook. The 88mm FLAK was intended for anti-aircraft, but was used often and effectively against tanks. Heck of a note for the plumber. [wince]

    • #2 by Ed on 2014-12-27 - 19:12

      used often and effectively against tanks

      Fire what you’ve got: a flat trajectory makes for simple gun laying!

      If that poor guy had a different set of parents, he’d be in an even deeper world o’ hurt…