Eyeglass Temple Spring Repair

Another of Mary’s glasses snapped at the temple joint:

Broken eyeglass temple spring
Broken eyeglass temple spring

This one has a spring inside the joint that latches the temple on either side of that square inner corner. Obviously, there’s no way to reconnect the broken stub with the spring retracted inside the brazed temple box, so:

  • File off the corner
  • Fill the socket with epoxy
  • Ease the stub in place
  • Wipe off the excess epoxy
  • Align on the workbench
  • Let it cure overnight

At least the hinge folds again, even if the spring doesn’t work:

Broken eyeglass temple spring - epoxied
Broken eyeglass temple spring – epoxied

She promises to scrap out her oldest glasses after the next eye exam…

6 thoughts on “Eyeglass Temple Spring Repair

  1. I had a pair with a clear plastic nosepiece, which fell off outside in the snow. I tried to find the bit of clear plastic in the snow, but as I had expected, it was impossible. Everything was closed because down here in Virginia, snow causes panic. So I made a new nosepiece out of hot glue. I freehanded it, sort of like a 3D printer, let it cool off partially, then put the glasses on and the still-soft plastic formed itself to fit my face. Worked surprisingly well, and didn’t even look particularly bad.

    1. Well done!

      snow causes panic

      A friend in Raleigh reports all the store shelves go bare with half an inch in the forecast.

      didn’t even look particularly bad

      My face, I don’t mind it.
      That’s because I’m behind it.
      It’s the people out front that I jar.

      That’s the doggerel I learned. Now, with the full power of the Interwebs at my beck and call, I found the original… by Woodrow Wilson, no less.

      If only you had Sugru in your pocket, you could have been both trendy and garish.

      1. I learned that “My face, I don’t mind it” quote from my grandmother. Didn’t know the attribution either, that’s nifty. The hot glue was a reasonable match to the original plastic, but Sugru would have been, as you point out, more garish.

      2. It takes a fair amount of snow to screw things up here, but when we get a lot of ice, it’s lively. Studded snow tires are popular east of the Cascades for a good reason. OTOH, some of the most entertaining TV is the evening news after Portland gets snow and/or ice.

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