Calling All Airship Pirates!

This airship drifted by just north of the house, aimed toward one of the nearby back yards on the hillside:

Hot Air Balloon - Red Oaks Mill
Hot Air Balloon – Red Oaks Mill

It was not at all clear they intended to land, just that it was happening anyway. Burners roaring, the bag just cleared the ridge and vanished into the west…

Further, we know not.

Back in 2006, I spotted a balloon making a water landing:

Water Landing
Water Landing

They managed enough lift to cross the driveway, then deflate it on the yard in front of the house, to the delight of passersby…

6 thoughts on “Calling All Airship Pirates!

  1. I got to “ride” in one of those Re/Max balloons (as ballast). I believe I achieved an altitude of maybe 200mm.

    1. My guess: the thugs stole the whole rig, figuring the trailer contained valuable tools / toys / gear that could be easily fenced after ditching the SUV.

      Imagine their surprise at finding several hundreds of pounds of nylon fabric, a huge wicker basket, and two propane tanks.

      Justice: appropriate fines, followed by two years of probation as the chase team.

      Vengeance: one free ride to a thousand feet, then a walk off the plank…

    2. Maybe the thief saw the “baluner” license plate and really needed a balun?

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