FC1002 Frequency Counter Faceplate: BLAM!

So I picked up the frequency counter and found this:

FC1002 Frequency Counter - split shattered faceplate
FC1002 Frequency Counter – split shattered faceplate

The outer, previously cracked pieces of the faceplate split parallel to the front panel, separating into two layers, and popped free of their mount. The layer closest to the panel remains intact.

The fragments were flexible and the bottom layer was rigid, suggesting the faceplate consisted of two parts, perhaps an acrylic (?) base with a soft silicone (?) poured atop it for armor and scratch protection.

It still works fine and the acrylic (?) layer will suffice for my simple needs, despite being slightly marred by the cyanoacrylate glue I slobbered into the cracks.

I definitely didn’t see that coming…

3 thoughts on “FC1002 Frequency Counter Faceplate: BLAM!

  1. Kind of reminds me of some windshields around here, where a physics-challenged car owner has the bright idea of pouring hot water on the glass to remove the morning frost :-)

    1. I remember my mom taking a boiling hot teapot of water out and pouring it over the window of old 1972 VW bug whenever it was really cold and frosty. Never had a windshield failure.

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