Another Bike Ride, With Gratuitous Smog

Large Pickup - Small Brain
Large Pickup – Small Brain

He could claim to be accelerating after a stop signal and that’s just how those big Chevy “clean diesel” engines work, even with DEF and DPF in full effect.

In point of fact, this was deliberate:

Large Pickup - Small Brain - Penumbra
Large Pickup – Small Brain – Penumbra

I wish no ill on any man, but, should the Fates decree that a big pickup must be found wrapped around a tree, I have a recommendation.

We were northbound on 9W, returning home after an end-of-summer party.

9 thoughts on “Another Bike Ride, With Gratuitous Smog

  1. From a comment on an op-ed piece in the NYT that is worth passing on. “You didn’t stop riding your bike because you got too old; you got old because you stopped riding your bike!”
    I can attest to that!

    1. Mary’s father continues to roll upward in the National Bike Challenge rankings, by virtue of continuing to roll on the road: at 84, he’s our roll model!

      Trudi, who you may recall from Long Ago, recently cracked her shoulder after her front wheel grabbed a pavement crack. As she puts it, her orthopedist said “he had other patients of my age… he couldn’t recall one who had broken a bone falling from her bicycle!”

      You still in Rhinebeck? Get yourself a trike and start riding back & forth over that wonderful bridge!

  2. These sorts of maneuvers seem to be quite popular amongst certain crowds. They are intentionally removing any and all pollution control so that they can produce the very effect you saw, but you probably knew that. I just wish they would plumb some of it in to the cab so that they could enjoy its full rich flavor too.

    1. quite popular amongst certain crowds

      I think those guys were in their late 20s, but it does serve as a reminder that there’s absolutely no reason for human males to survive puberty.

      As a rule, drivers don’t give us much hassle at all; this was definitely an exception.

    2. “intentionally removing any and all pollution control”. Yup. Check out “Rollin’ coal” in the Urban Dictionary.

      Does NY let you call in a report of a gross polluter? You can do that in CA, and the offender gets a “fix it or else” note from the authorities.

      1. Rollin’ coal

        A good description, indeed. [sigh]

        The truck was new & shiny, suggesting that you can actually get that much soot past the particulate burner by flooring the accelerator. In a just world, that would kill the filter and he’d pay a kilobuck or two before passing the next emissions inspection.

        call in a report of a gross polluter

        Searching the DMV site for the obvious keywords produces zilch, so that’s surely the answer.

      2. We have something similar here in CO: a picture of spewing black exhaust and the license plate is usually sufficient to get at least some contact from the state.

  3. I have people do this on a fairly regular basis, living in farm country.
    Luckily for me, most of the time I hear them romp on the gas, I romp on the gears, and crank it up to well over the slow rural speed limit and they find themselves up against the car ahead of them without ever having actually passed me. I even managed to goad a guy into a speed trap once, which was a very pleasant day.

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