Eyeglass Bridge Repair

The nose bridge of my “computer glasses” snapped in the exact center, thus confirming my dislike of the springy head-clamping design. These never leave my desk, so I filled a small brass tube with epoxy, shimmed the lenses on a surface plate, tweaked the bridge into alignment with a surface gauge scribe, and let it cure overnight:

Crude nose bridge repair
Crude nose bridge repair

That layout deliberately reduces the springiness by aligning the lenses to be parallel across the bridge, rather than being a bit side-eyed. They’re an un-bendable alloy that provides no way to tweak the alignment; they emerged just about perfect, but it’s time for a new pair later this year.

FWIW, they’re DIY “computer glasses”: +1 diopter to the far (“infinity”) correction and -1 diopter from the reading adder, producing a pair of glasses with the far point at about 1 meter and an unchanged reading-distance correction. That worked well, but next time I’ll use +0.75 diopter so I can sit back a bit further from those big monitors.

Also: the rust on that lovely surface gauge scribe base came from the previous owner and looks much worse in the picture than in real life. I should run it through an Evaporust bath the next time I have some out. It’s probably a Starrett Model 257, but with absolutely no maker marks whatsoever.

2 thoughts on “Eyeglass Bridge Repair

  1. Nice repair! I’ve had OK luck with Silver Dollar Ti frames. (Can’t wear Ni or anything with much nickel in the alloy), though the weak points are the hold-down screws for the lenses. The current pair did much better when I put threadlocker on those screws. (Locktite 222). The springs in the temple pieces give just enough grip to keep things together without stressing the frame.

    Most of my rusty tool problems went away when I moved to a vented-heater shop. I use a Toyo oil heater with a nightlight to fool the 50F min thermostat. I get the min temps just above freezing, so my liquids are all safe. When I’m in the shop, I’ll use the wood stove. Now, if I can ever spare the money to hire somebody to fix the leaks in the roof, I’d have no rusting issues. (I heard the barn was built as a side project by the contractor–working on a neighbor’s house. Looks like some of the crew was paid in beer.) My sense of survival says it’s not a DIY job.

    1. It’s significantly uglier than the temple repair on Mary’s glasses, but that doesn’t bother me in the least. I’m the entire user community and I can’t see it!

      My sense of survival

      That sensibility comes from not dying at a young age and remembering how close you came… [grin]

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