Canon vs. Wasabi NB-6LH Batteries

Our Larval Engineer reported that her camera, which is my old Casio pocket camera, has begun fading away, so we’re getting her a shiny new camera of her very own. Being a doting father, I picked up a pair of Wasabi NB-6L batteries (and a charger, it not costing much more for the package) so she’s never without electrons, and did the usual rundown test on all three batteries:

Canon NB-6L - 2014 OEM vs Wasabi
Canon NB-6L – 2014 OEM vs Wasabi

Fairly obviously, the Wasabi batteries aren’t first tier products, but they’re definitely better than that bottom-dollar crap from eBay.

2 thoughts on “Canon vs. Wasabi NB-6LH Batteries

  1. Nice work on the comparison. (Looks like you’re getting your money’s worth out of the West Mountain unit.) It agrees with my experience in camera and cellphone batteries – none of the aftermarket brands are as good as the Canon/Nikon/Motorola/LG battery that came with the product.

    1. none of the aftermarket brands are as good

      The second tier products seem to run 2/3 the nominal capacity for much less than 2/3 the price, so, if their absolute run time suffices, they’re likely Good Enough. Based on what I’ve measured, anything from eBay isn’t worth the effort.

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