Santa Ride: Crash Report

While walking from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to Grand Central on a frigid post-Christmas December evening, we encountered this storefront display:

Santa Ride - car
Santa Ride – car

A closer look at the monitor in the background:

Santa Ride - crash report
Santa Ride – crash report

Hmmm. Bit of a surprise: not a Windows box.

After walking two miles along Madison Avenue, I didn’t see one single item in the store windows that I’d buy, even in the after-Christmas discount season. Mary wasn’t enthralled by a pair of diamond-encrusted emerald earrings the size of my thumbs, either, which is likely a Good Thing.

We stopped in the Ugg Boot Store, both to warm up and  so I’d know what all the spammers have been hawking…

3 thoughts on “Santa Ride: Crash Report

  1. We’ve been lukewarm with all the holiday sales, too. Recently, most of what we’ve bought comes from the farmers’ market and Sparkfun. We did buy a nice winter coat, however.

    1. comes from the farmers’ market and Sparkfun

      Keep those shopping lists separate, lest you wind up with fresh organic LEDs…

  2. We’ve been awfully practical. Julie got a sweater on sale, and I picked up a miter saw for a flooring project. I refuse to buy a carpet stretcher for a partial day’s work, so that will be a rental. Did get a coat at the pre-Christmas sale.

    OTOH, the last test-fire of the big portable generator wasn’t much fun. An electric start version might be in the offing… [Note to self–consider building an inertial starter for the beast (11hp engine)…]

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