Northern Cardinal: Window Strike

For all the usual reasons, I didn’t hang the mesh netting over the bedroom window when I put up the bird feeder on the far corner of the patio:

Male cardinal - window strike death
Male cardinal – window strike death

That window is far enough away that birds get up to full speed and low enough that they can see through the windows on the far side of the bedroom to the bushes and trees north of the house.

The mesh is up now and I feel like crap.

2 thoughts on “Northern Cardinal: Window Strike

  1. Poor bird… When we moved here, we had a lot of juniper trees on the property (since removed–juniper isn’t a good tree for wildland fire territory), and early-late December was when a fair number of birds would eat partly fermented berries. We had a lot of bird strikes (no fatals–they never got up to speed), and I’ve had a couple of stunned birds on the front porch. A drunken blackbird flies strangely. We still get a fair number of strikes in the spring, but the newly fledged chicks aren’t that fast.

    Since we did the juniper-ectomy, we have a lot fewer problems. Plenty of junipers on the neighbor’s properties, but nothing close to our windows. We have winter panels on the porch, and that eliminates one of the problem areas.

    Hmm, snow on the page, do I need panels here? [grin]

  2. Same thing happens here in my farm but there is no view through to the other side. Earlier we had a lot of swallows but they have vanished. The Bulbul have taken over the place along with Warblers, Mynas and Indian Robbins (Black and white). Snow is good on the page, dandruff is bad!

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