Quilt Show

Ed - DHQS XVI - Volunteer Badge
Ed – DHQS XVI – Volunteer Badge

Mary volunteered me as a “white glove” helper: we walked the show floor for a few hours wearing cute aprons and white knit gloves.

Rule Zero: nobody touches the quilts. When people wanted to see the back side, we did all the handling. This worked out quite well; pretty nearly everybody understood what was going on, although we all agreed that fine quilts exhibit a magnetic attraction to fingertips.

Pro tip I: when the sign at the entrance says NO DRINKS, that means your coffee isn’t allowed in the exhibit area. You may be a special person, but you’re not that special. We’re not picking on you.

Pro tip II: when you bring your brat to a quilt show and let the kid dive under frames holding quilts representing thousands of hours of painstaking work, don’t act surprised when I haul him out by the feet, reprimand him, give him back to you, and expect you to get your act together.

I obviously had the wrong chromosome loadout for the mission.

Mary’s Butterfly Flower quilt nailed First Place in the Appliqué Wall Quilt division!

6 thoughts on “Quilt Show

    1. Indeed!

      Along with the ultimate threat: “Unattended children will be given a can of Monster Energy Drink and a puppy.”

      I suggested something similar for the charity tag sale that would deter those professional shoppers who show up two hours early and rob you blind while you’re setting up: extract a $50 earlybird surcharge and don’t dicker on the price. You’d also need an Enforcer…

    1. She’s really happy; the (professional!) judges use an absolute grading scale, so she’s gearing up to send it to a national competition…

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