Mouse Nest Location: Bad Decisionmaking

It’s always a good idea to open the barby lid before firing the burners: sometimes unexpected things appear:

Mouse nest in grill - foundation
Mouse nest in grill – foundation

The mouse being out and about at the time, I dumped the nest (which was just a foundation) over the patio railing into the flower garden, burned out the remainder at full throttle, and continued the mission.

A week later, the mouse had not only returned, but finished off a substantial nest in the same spot, topped with a jaunty bird feather. The entrance tunnel is on the right, opening into a comfy mouse-sized pocket inside:

Mouse nest in grill - finished
Mouse nest in grill – finished

Once again, I dumped the nest over the railing, burned out the rest, and continued the mission.

As of three weeks later, the mouse hasn’t returned; I trust it found a hollow log somewhere out back.

As nearly as I can tell, the mouse climbed up a square steel leg, scampered through the grease catch pan, leaped up through the drain hole, wriggled through three layers of crossed bars, and then deposited a single mouthful of building material.

I really need a critter camera…

5 thoughts on “Mouse Nest Location: Bad Decisionmaking

  1. I get a lot of mouse nests in the shop/barn unless I keep the sources of nesting material out of reach. Lost an old rug or two, and a salvaged Leslie unit (circa 1955) lost its sound deadener to a mouse. I drew the line when one set up shop in a large safe–it had a hole for a dehumidifier/heater that was irresistible, so I had to block it off before Miz Mouse found the papers. Baby mice look like tan cotton balls… Fortunately, while the mice are tough, they don’t care for steel or aluminum swarf as nesting material. Haven’t had any problems in the shop vacs.

    Getting close to winter. The back-yard chipmunk was moving to a better hole, holding a large ball of fluff in her mouth. I think it was a baby, so the dogs had to hold off sniffing the holes…

  2. BTW, the approach we use for the cars and trucks is to keep the hood open when not in use. If that’s viable, it works well.

  3. I had a rat go hunting about in my grill. I opened the lid to find him sitting on the burner. He got an unexpected surprise…

      1. Is Andrew Zimmern still doing his weird foods show? Source Material!! [urk]

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