Public Facilities Maintenance: Progress

A day or so after kvetching about that informal DCRT vehicle entrance to the head planner developing the Dutchess County Master Plan for bicycle & pedestrian facilities, this appeared:

DCRT Overocker Crossing - block on informal entrance
DCRT Overocker Crossing – block on informal entrance

Notice the blue electrical junction box on the right? That can’t possibly be a Good Thing… but, so far, it doesn’t seem to bother anybody enough to repair it.

Those missing ADA strips at Grand have been swept out, converting them into rough-bottomed trenches across the trail. At least they’re not quite so slip-prone, even if they’re still a tripping hazard.

3 thoughts on “Public Facilities Maintenance: Progress

  1. Our local telco (CenturyLink) uses those for terminations and splices. (The trunk line to the main city is above ground, but the rural distributions are all buried. One less thing to worry about in winter.) They seem to be almost bulletproof. We had one on the side of a ditch, and when the people working on the road just downstream managed to block the culvert and flood the box, it still worked. We had a bad ground on our phone line, but that seems to have been in the switching building… I suspect the cables feeding the box are sort-of flexible.

    1. If it’s just an above-ground spot for a splice, then it’s all good.

      What’s not shown in the picture: just to the left right is a concrete pad over a pipeline access pit, with a big stainless steel electrical equipment box: there’s a water main running from the City of Poughkeepsie to (what was once) the IBM Fishkill plant below the entire length of the Rail Trail. It’s better armored, but … probably no match for an errant truck.

      1. no match for an errant truck

        Hmm, lots of opportunities for serious mishaps… I have a few of the telco pedestals just outside my fence. The few times a year I mow those weeds (droughts have some better sides), I make sure I give them a wide berth. Amazing how much damage 24HP worth of small tractor can do with a loader bucket and brush cutter.

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