Decorative Slug

This critter trundled across the driveway after a shower wetted the area:

Orange slug on asphalt

Orange slug on asphalt

They do some damage in the garden, but we let them alone elsewhere…


  1. #1 by ericjs on 2013-08-23 - 21:35

    Woah! Are those things common where you are, or is this orange one a rarity? The ones around here are brown / gray but they do have a nifty leopard print thing going on.

    • #2 by Ed on 2013-08-23 - 22:32

      Mostly, all we see are the drab ones, too. This gadget was so conspicuous out there on the driveway that I had to take a picture of it…

  2. #3 by Jim R on 2013-08-24 - 09:52

    I’m trying to decide if that’s a baby carrot with eyes or a slug that just fought through a nest of Cheetos.

    • #4 by Ed on 2013-08-24 - 15:21

      My money is on a mob of attack Cheetos…

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